How to Get to Miami Beach from the Airport

Heading to Miami Beach? Here’s how to get there from the airport. From public transit to taxis, rideshares, limos and rental cars, there’s plenty of options to get from the airport to Miami Beach.



Driving to the airport and need to know where to go? If you are traveling to Miami by car, plug the airport address into your GPS: 2100 NW 42nd Ave., Miami FL 33142. On the other hand, the address for the Rental Car Center is 3900 NW 25th Street, Miami FL 33142.


Self-parking at MIA is available in the Dolphin Garage (serving North Terminal D and E) and the Flamingo Garage (serving Central Terminal F and G, and South Terminal H and J). Rates start at $2 per 20 minutes with a maximum rate of $17 per day.

Miami’s Transportation Hub: Miami Central Station (MCS)

Miami International Airport to Miami Central Station via MIA Mover

Miami International Airport (MIA) to Miami transportation hub via the MIA Mover

Located just east of the Miami International Airport, the Miami Central Station located within the Miami Intermodal Center is the main transportation hub offering multiple transportation options to and from the airport. Even though, the center is not technically a part of the airport, it is designed to shuttle travelers to and from the airport through an automated train called the MIA Mover.

The MIA Mover train will take you for free from the airport to Miami Central Station where the Rental Car Center, Metrorail, Metrobus, Tri-Rail, Greyhound and Megabus are located.


MIA Mover from the Airport to Rental Car Center and Metrobus

MIA Mover from the Airport to Metrobus and Metrorail

Miami Travel Tip: There is an app for iPhone and Android mobile devices where you can purchase Metrobus and Metrorail transit passes online, and it will help you navigate public transportation while you are visiting Miami: the GO Miami-Dade Transit app.

Through the app, you can purchase mobile barcode transit passes, also see the estimated arrival time of buses, trains and mover cars, as well as view all nearby stops and stations.

MIA Mover boarding platform

MIA Mover boarding platform


Beautiful view en route to Miami Beach from the Airport

Beautiful views en route to Miami Beach from the Airport

Taxis at Miami International Airport

The quick and easy option is simply to grab a taxi ($32-$40 flat rate before tip) or a rideshare like Uber or Lyft (from about $30 and up depending on traffic). You hop in a taxi or rideshare and enjoy the view in the meantime.

Yellow taxi station at Miami International Airport

Yellow taxi station at Miami International Airport

If you decide to take a cab from Miami International Airport, firstly head down to the lower-level curb, after that go outside of the baggage claim area, where uniformed airport employees will help you to a designated taxi stand. Equally important, always seek out uniformed airport employees with MIA ID badges for assistance.

Taxis from the airport operate on a flat rate. Here is an estimated cost per trip from the airport to the following destinations (rate includes airport origination fee and any applicable highway tolls):

Airport Area Hotels: $13-$17; Coconut Grove: $22; Coral Gables: $17-$22; Downtown Miami: $22; South Beach: $35-$40; Bal Harbour: $46; Sunny Isles Beach: $55.

Miami Taxi Companies:

Yellow Taxi Miami: 786-490-7855

Super Yellow Taxi: 305-888-7777

Miami Taxi Services: 786-309-8805


Lyft and Uber Ride-Sharing Services

Rideshare App Pickup sign at MIA

Rideshare App Pickup signs at MIA

Lyft and Uber are car services that connect riders and drivers via a downloadable app in your smart phone. In fact, it’s one of the most preferred methods of traveling around the city for locals and visitors alike. Ride costs are based on time and distance, and you can even estimate the cost of your ride on the app before you hire the driver.

Beware that additional stops may result in a higher fare, applicable tolls and surcharges may be added to your fare and trips to the airport or port may include an extra surcharge, between $2 and $5. Also, during times of intense demand, such as major events, rates increase.

Lyft Miami: for rates, try Lyft’s Fare Estimator.

Uber Miami: for rates, try Uber’s Price Estimator.

After you exit the terminal, follow the Ride App Pickup signs that will take you to the meeting point. Uber pick-up zones are available nearby on Level 1, Arrivals, at the middle median. Finally, upon requesting a ride, you’ll be able to choose the exact pick-up spot within your app.


Affordable option: Metrobus Express Bus Service

Metrobus Express 150 Route from the Airport to Miami Beach

Metrobus Express 150 Route from the Airport to Miami Beach


The Metrobus Miami Beach Airport Express offers daily express bus service between Miami International Airport and Miami Beach with multiple stops from 41st Street to South Pointe Drive. It’s the Miami Beach Airport Express Bus 150, and it is a convenient, fast and reliable service to Miami Beach. Travel time is around 60 minutes.

Express buses depart from the airport Metrorail station every 30 minutes from 6am to 11:40pm, seven days a week. Firstly, to get there, passengers need to take the MIA Mover at the third level of the terminals.

One-way fare is $2.25 and you can buy a Transit Pass online in the Transit Store or by downloading the GO Miami-Dade app on your mobile phone. Additionally, Transit Passes are also available at any Metrorail Station vending machines. Please note that the pass will auto-activate immediately after purchase and it will expire 3-hous after activation.


Share a Ride with Go Connect

GO Connect transportation from Miami International Airport

GO Connect transportation from Miami International Airport

A convenient and affordable option for getting around Miami is GO Connect. Reserve a ride directly from the GO Connect mobile app to get matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. Moreover, GO Connect meets you wherever you are as long as you are within the service zone and rides cost $2.25 per trip. Pay for you ride on the Go Connect app with a credit or debit card, an EASY CARD or with the GO Miami-Dade transit app.


Airport Shuttles

Supper Shuttle official airport shuttle at Miami International Airport

Supper Shuttle official airport shuttle at Miami International Airport

Some hotels in Miami offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. Check directly with the hotel where you booked your room reservation to inquire.

Super Shuttle is the official airport shuttle at Miami International Airport with multiple kiosks located in the arrivals section of the airport. Additionally, Super Shuttle offers 24/7 service to or from the airport, and vans can accommodate large groups, families or individual riders.

In addition to the traditional blue vans, Super Shuttle also offers Black Cars, for travelers looking for VIP service. The premium service offers upscale private transportation to and from the airport or around town. Reservations are not required but suggested during peak travel times of the year.

Shared ride: most economical where you will share a shuttle with several other passengers.

Express ride: if you are looking for transportation that can get you to your destination quickly with no stops along the way. You and your party will have the shuttle all to yourselves.

Black Car: same speed and convenience of a non-stop shuttle with the added comfort of a luxury vehicle. You can choose standard curbside pickup or meet-and-greet service. Furthermore, you can also arrange for one of the black cars to provide transportation around town.


Hire a private driver: limousine & chauffeured services

Limo and chauffeured services from the Airport

Limo and chauffeured services from the Airport

For a high-end experience, hire a limo service or rent a luxury classic car complete with a chauffeur from a specialty company. Rates vary depending on how long you want the service, as well as the time of the year and the type of vehicle you choose. Here is a list of limo and chauffeur services for hire:

American Transportation

Sal Limo Service

Key Transportation Service


Rent a car

Miami International Airport Concourse map level 1, 2 and 3

Miami International Airport Concourse map level 1, 2 and 3

If you prefer to drive yourself, it’s easy to rent a car at the airport and head over to Miami Beach. To get there, you first have to connect to the MIA Rental Car Center by using the MIA Mover that is located on the 3rd level between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages. Then, you will have to use the 3rd level Skyride (moving walks) to access the MIA Mover station. Once you are there, you will see multiple rental car vendors.

The Rental Car Center is open 24 hours a day. However, some operators close between 11 pm and 5 am so we recommend following up with your rental car company directly to confirm their hours of operation.

Book your Car Rental Online

You can rent your car in advance using, the world’s largest online car rental booking service, making it easy and convenient. works with every leading car rental company. Furthermore, through the website’s booking portal, you can change or cancel your booking quickly and easily. Some of the most popular car rental agencies include:

Avis Car Rental

Hertz Car Rental

Enterprise Rental Car

Alamo Car Rental



Free Trolley transportation in Miami Beach

Free Trolley transportation in Miami Beach

Another great app to download and travel around Miami Beach for free is the Miami Beach Trolley app for Android or iPhone. The free trolley have different routes that go to South Beach, Mid Beach, as well as North Beach. There is also Collins Express route.

The citywide trolley service operates 15 hours a day, from 8 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week. The service frequency is approximately a 30-minute average along each route. All trolley vehicles are even bicycle friendly, with 2 racks available for storage.


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